Differentiated Niche Asset Strategy

We aim to capitalize on opportunities that are often overlooked because they are:

  • Difficult to originate
  • Complex to underwrite
  • Operationally intensive to manage
  • Dependent on extensive structuring expertise

What We Look For:

Contracted Cash Flows

We seek to invest in assets with predictable or reliable cash flows

Downside Protection

We look to identify defensive asset classes and structure investments with the objective of mitigating potential losses in value

Structural Efficiencies

We seek to structure investments to address legal, accounting, tax & regulatory considerations

Result: Superior Risk-Adjusted Returns

Our Investment Approach

What We Target

We seek to invest in niche assets that offer predictable or reliable cash flows, tax benefits and/or inflation protection. We focus on identifying asset classes with intrinsic value distinct from the associated businesses.

Where We Source

We seek to leverage
PAM Strategic Partners, our network of complementary asset origination platforms, to source differentiated niche assets conducive to insurance companies’ balance sheets.

How We Structure

We seek to structure investments with the goal of enabling insurance companies to hold niche assets by addressing legal, statutory accounting and regulatory capital considerations.

How We Manage

Our team works with our Strategic Partners to proactively manage niche assets. PAM’s investment and insurance expertise is complemented by our Strategic Partners’ deep knowledge of, and experience in, their respective asset classes.

Looking up at bridge cables
Looking up at bridge cables

PAM Strategic Partners

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Infrastructure of building

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