PAM Strategic Partners

Our Network of Complementary Asset Management Platforms

PAM partners with originators of differentiated, difficult-to-source assets that are complex and operationally intensive to manage.

We pursue management teams with deep expertise in our niche asset focus areas, where we believe there are significant opportunities to accelerate platform growth.

We seek to create mutually beneficial partnerships, which may be formalized through ownership interests, revenue sharing agreements or other strategic relationships.

What We Offer Partners

  • Strategic partner with significant resources & flexibility
  • Capital & hands-on partnership to accelerate platform growth
  • Robust investment, insurance & structuring expertise
  • Access to long-term, stable asset investor base
  • Shared infrastructure service

What Our Partners May Provide

  • Niche assets on a wholesale basis
  • Specialized expertise
  • Increased transparency
  • Priority allocations, capacity rights & co-investment rights
  • Preferential terms & beneficial rights

Platform Partner Spotlight

Single-Family Rental (SFR) Residential Real Estate


Evergreen Residential

Evergreen Residential launched in 2021 as a single-family rental (SFR) investment platform with a team of highly experienced professionals.

Evergreen seeks to cover the life cycle of SFR assets for institutional investors, including: sourcing and acquisition; property development and renovation; and asset management and reporting.

PAM Strategic Partners, as a seed investor, helped launch the Evergreen platform and owns a minority interest in the business. In addition, PAM Strategic Partners has a shared services agreement in place with Evergreen Residential.

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Infrastructure Debt and Municipal Credit


Foundation Credit

Foundation Credit is an alternative asset manager dedicated to sourcing, organizing, and delivering attractive investment opportunities across the highly fragmented and undercapitalized U.S. infrastructure debt and municipal credit markets.

Foundation was founded in 2012 and manages capital for global institutional investors, including leading insurance companies, pensions, endowments, foundations, and family offices.

PAM Strategic Partners owns a majority economic interest in the Foundation business and has contributed growth capital to the platform.

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